Luigi down - requires attention

I wanted to cover all bases so also leaving a message here.

I had an issue with Luigi - the head dove and drug into the honeycomb where it now rests. I sent an email to report the issue. It will need attention before it is usable.

I left a note on the bed as well as by the control panel and on computer.


If no one gets to it before i do expect it to be back up by 6pm tomorrow

I’ll be there for area lead meeting and maker monday and can help with it then if still down.

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Luigi has been un-crashed.

For future reference there is out of order signs on the fablab tool wall that will fit nicely over the badge reader


Luigi has been re-crashed. I jogged to low not realized it was set to 20 I’m sorry.

I’ve placed the Out of Order signs on it.

Luigi is uncrashed. Did a couple of test cuts and seems to be working fine.

Is there a way to manually lower the bed in situations like this? I couldn’t turn it back on without it immediately wanting to home. Or is it just best to full stop and leave the machine out of order until a lead can get to it?


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I am able to fix this if it happens again I’m usually there except Thursdays I am flying drones with ictfpv club