Luigi Auto-Focus Replacement

Does anyone see a reason to not replace the auto-focus that was removed from Luigi a few months ago? I know some people wanted to experiment with manual focus only and see if that was in any way better than the auto-focus. I think it would be much better to have them both be the same, and with the auto-focus I could add the protection circuit so that it can’t smash itself to death anymore.



I’m good with that plan. Haven’t had much issue with it on Mario for a while now.

Having them both the same would be ideal!

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I’m good either way not having auto focus has made me a better laserteer… have experienced several settings and I have a deeper understanding of what works and what dont work and why.

I have difficulty with the z-height adjustment on luigi, so I’d prefer it auto set. The trouble I’ve run into is having it dropping to the default position after starting the job. I have noticed I can start the job, pause it, then set the z-height, after that it seems to stay positioned where I asked it to be. - admittedly I could be missing a step when setting the z-height. I generally place the material on the board, origin, frame, adjust the z-height, origin again then start.

I’m not sure at what point it locks in the Z height, but it doesn’t seem that the origin button does. @Jimsims was using it today and we had to re-upload the file after adjusting the Z height, otherwise it kept returning to the previous setting. This was while running a file uploaded to the controller; running from LightBurn might behave differently.

I’ve got the probe hardware fixed. Just need to order PCBs and some connectors for the protection circuit.