Lost & Found Box

@Leads @Welcome Center

Could we get a designated location and box for lost-and-found items? Presumably near the front desk area?

I’ve heard from others with experience that it may fill up with items never claimed so having a roll of tape/labels along with a marker to write the date an item was turned into lost-n-found would allow us to get rid of items not claimed in some length of time.

I’ve lost several items at the space so my hope is that by having a known pre-existing designated box for lost-n-found items, it will lower the threshold of effort enough to encourage someone to toss a found item in the box rather than the trash can.


There is a box marked “lost and found” in the welcome area. I emptied it in January after posting the items in the box (which had a large amount of dust on them). The box was in the lower north west cabinet of the welcome area. It will be more visible after i remove some cabinet doors.