Lost badge maybe in Classroom 1

I was here earlier today measuring to make a handle for the paper cutter and I think I took my badge off while making the measurements. I would appreciate it if somebody could turn that into the office or meet me at the space. TIA

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I will be there in the morning to finish cleaning up that room. I have a meeting at 9 at the Administration office for USD 259but it’s not far away.

Do you know what time you’ll be there?

The meeting is actually a zoom. I probably won’t be there until 11.

That’s fine. I have an 11:00 call I have to be on so I’ll head over after that. Thanks! Do you just want me to ring the doorbell?

My call just ended. I’ll be there in about 20 minutes, I think.

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I’m here and it’s here. Will watch for you

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