Looking for high carbon steel

I need to make a blade for a block plane. I’m looking for a small piece (2"W x 3"L) of 5/32" thick 1075 or better high carbon steel. Anyone have anything like this they could sell me? Let me know price.

I can get a blank on eBay, but I’d rather buy locally and soon if it’s available

If the Yard Store doesn’t have any, Murdock MIGHT have some, or check with Fastenal for tool steel.

Not too long ago, I asked the guys at the yard if they had any higher carbon steels and they said they didn’t know what the spec of their steel was and that all they had was standard low carbon steel. I’ve googled metal suppliers and it is readily available if you are willing to pay the shipping. Some of the suppliers will cut down to the rough size if you don’t want the remnants.

Jeff Eck

Thank you both! I did call the yard this morning, and they only have mild steels. I also tried Central Plains, but they don’t have small pieces that I need.

I’ll try Murdock and Fastenal. If they don’t have what I need, I’ll just place the order on eBay.

I was hoping one of our blacksmithing members might have some scrap they’d be willing to sell me!

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McMaster.com definitely carries spec’ed steel with documentation. I would go there before eBay.

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