Looking for fabric

I don’t know if there’s a best place to look to match a fabric (a website or shop), but I’m trying to come up with more of the same if possible.

We picked these up at a local craft sale, and my mom wants to make more that match, if she can. Any ideas?


A Google image search would be your best bet. If you have any of the selvage with the name of the vendor and print that would help. eQuilter.com has the most extensive collection of quilt cottons online.

That reminds me of a print that was made exclusively for Joann’s, but I could be wrong.

The reverse image search got me closer than my keyword searches had (it hadn’t crossed my mind to try it, for some reason), but I might be out of luck. The seller wasn’t the creator, so didn’t have any extra info on where the fabric came from. I’ll check equilter when I have a bit more time.

Thanks, though!

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Try Etsy. We have found some out of print fabric there.

There is a new shop called Faithful Remnant on Hydraulic not far from MakeICT. They Have a huge selection but so have limited hours. Great place to check out

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