Looking for copper sheets

Hey there. I’m pricing sheets of copper for a project and I was wondering if anyone had good sources either local or online.

How thick? I’ve been doing some research as well. I’ve looked at Grainger, Amazon, and St. Louis Metals. I was looking for a 30 gauge thickness, that not common 26 is. I finally found what I need, went with aluminum.

I only need thin sheets that I can cut with tin snips. So I think a 16 gauge would work. I do want to patina it so aluminum wouldn’t work.

I’ve purchased mine from Rio Grande

I have a roll of 36 gauge, the thickness of coke cans, aluminum that is copper in color. I use it to stitch for sewing. I’d be happy to see if that will work for you. It’s $28 for a 25 ft roll

Come to think of it Ace Hardware has small sheets as well by K&S metals. If Ace doesn’t have the size you need I believe you can order directly from them or they may tell you who carries their item that you are looking for.



I have bought sheet metal of different kinds from the Yard Store before, don’t know about copper but it would be a place to try.

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It’s been a while, but the Yard will have copper sheets from time to time if you don’t need something brand new and scratch free. That’s where I picked up the stuff to make the covers for my guitar. I think I also use mcmasterr.com for the bar stock I turned into knobs.

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I don’t know how much or how big the pieces are, but Ace Hardware sells small sheets, something like 4"x12", maybe? It’s not going to be the most cost-effective place, but they are easy to get to, and usually have those oddball things. If you want to order them, McMaster makes it pretty easy, and unlike many online metal places, the shipping is reasonable.


Perfect match for my copper pillowcases!

I have not had luck finding copper at the Yard Store or any other local outlet.

Hey Ana,
It might be helpful to know approximate size and thickness needed. If you are looking for large sheets prices will be really different than small ones…

Might try berdans stained glass they might have some

Thanks everyone. I found a website called basiccopper.com that I may order from. I wanted large sheets and they seem to have the best prices. However, I have completely decided if I want to go with real copper or just do a faux patina copper finish yet.

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