Looking for a recommendation

I have a friend looking for a sub $5k laser to engrave metal etc. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good sturdy machine that is not overly difficult to setup? Preferably with a rotary axis.

What size does he need? Just engraving, or will there be any cutting required? If he wants to directly engrave metal without any kind of coating he’s probably going to need a fiber laser.

Just engraving and yes fiber laser. Basically trying to get best bang for buck size wise.

Under $5k, you are probably looking at a 30w fiber laser. work sizes are typically very small 200mm x 200mm. It all depends on what he wants to do with it. Sometimes there are better options.

Toolots has a Rayfine 50w Raycus unit for under $5k has anyone any info on the quality or reliability of these units?

Watching this post I’m interested too