Looking for 3d Printing Instructors

Are there any members willing and able to teach 3D printing? I’ve only taken the intro course myself and haven’t used them since. There’s currently no classes on the schedule and we’ve been having people that want to take the class.

Please contact me if interested.


I’ve never taught a class, but I have worked with a few people on the printers individually. I could teach some people to help out. I know they are popular and very useful. My house is full of 3d printed stuff. I wouldn’t want anyone to miss out.

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It sounds like we might be able to get a rotation going between several instructors. Would you like to be included?

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Sure. Id be glad to help out.

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I would be willing to help out with your instruction or teach a class myself I have a lot of experience with 3d printing at work.


Thanks for the offer. I’m pleasantly surprised by the number responses. I’m currently talking with others on how best to go forward. I’m hoping to balance between not having too many (or too few) instructors, not wearing them out, having consistent training, etc.


I would as well, would need to play with the Prusa printers a little but have a kobra 2 , bambu P1P and an ender 3 pro to

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