Looking back at . . . Magic Wheelchair - 3 years ago

I know we have many members who have been with MakeICT for less than 2 or 3 years, so I thought I’d share a project we did 3 years ago. It’s called Magic Wheelchair, and the idea is to make the coolest cosplay/halloween/parade addition to the wheelchair of a disabled child. We did this one for a kid named Logan, and gave it to him in a big celebration at the Fire Department near where he lives:

Just a glimpse of the good that MakeICT can do in the community! What shall we do next?


This makes my heart so happy.


I had forgotten about the KSN story, but Jerry remembered, and posted it on Facebook. Here’s the link to the news item: https://www.ksn.com/news/kansas/wichita-volunteers-craft-costume-for-boy-in-wheelchair/


I documented as much as I could and it’s all on the Admin drive somewhere. If we ever want to do it again. There’s also https://www.walkinrollin.org/ based out of KC if we want to work with a non-profit closer to home.


I remember this very well. Ceramics got involved and different people made stuff fireman related. I enjoyed being part of it.

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There’s a snorkel on top of the cab - which is pointed directly at the camera in the last pic so it’s hard to see - it blows bubbles and rotates right and left using the controls in the dash. The dash controls also operate the horn, lights, and the “voice of the firetruck” since Logan was unable to talk.

Another cool point to mention was that we didn’t physically have the wheelchair at any point throughout the build. (Which is pretty well documented here on this forum if you’re into long reads). The truck was designed to break into 3 pieces for easy transport and storage and fit perfectly to his chair, which it did beautifully!