Longarm machine reserve


Well, I’m not seeing your request, so I’d recommend trying that step again and making sure you click the “ask to join group” button at the top of the page, then again in the popup that triggers.

@Malissa I used your MakeICT address, do you want it changed?

It probably should be tied to my membership and not my MakeICT email

Switched as requested.

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I just went to make a reservation and do not have access to add from malissalongwilson{at}gmail[dot]com. I also confirmed it had been removed from my MakeICT account.

I just double checked, and you have been added to the group, so I am not sure why you wouldn’t be able to access it. If you are still having troubles, I would double check that you are logged in, and accessing it correctly.

Hello , This is Cindy Seiwert.

Is it possible for you to meet me next week Thursday March 23,2023 in the textile room to help with getting on the Calendar to go in and reserve the long arm machine?
Is the long arm available this day from 10am to 6pm?
If so can u add me to the calendar.
I haven’t been in in awhile and would like to use it and have some one there for any update information if needed.
Can you please confirm with me that i have it reserved.
Cindy Seiwert

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