Longarm machine reserve

Can you schedule me(Cindy Seiwert)for the longarm machine on Wednesday Sept. 14 ,2022 & September 15,2022. Time will be from 9:30am on Wednesday thru Thursday 10pm.
I went to calender and tried to schedule but no available.
Please confirm that this message was received and I’ve been added to Calender.

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Cindy Seiwert

`[date-range from=2022-09-14T09:30:00 to=2022-09-14T22:00:00 timezone=“America/Chicago”]2022-09-14T14:00:00Z2022-09-16T03:00:00Z


The time wasn’t available or it wouldn’t let you schedule it for that long?

Cindy, I have reserved the Longarm for you the dates you listed above on the Longarm google calendar


Malissa, I reserved the 21st morning for us while I was in there.


Thank you. I don’t know why i cant get into the calender. Is there another way to make a reservation for the longarm?
Please cancel the September 14,2022. Im sorry i had a conflict on that day.
Please schedule me for September 28, 2022 from 9am to 10 pm.
Please confirm this to me.
Sincerely appreciate
Cindy Seiwert

Reservation has been made for sept 28th and deleted for Sept 14th.

Thank you!

@Cinjers Is your calendar associated with your att.net email address or some other account? I tipple checked, and you are authorized to use the calendar. You do have to make sure when you are trying to add something, that you are putting it on the right calendar, and that you are signed in using the right account.

If you think everything is right and you are still having problems, I would be happy to see if I can help you if you can meet me sometime. I am typically at the makerspace Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings, but can probably come in most any evening or weekend that works for you.

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I checked both my MakeICT mail and my personal account tied to my membership. I can see both the Laser Cutting Calendars on both emails, but can not book time on either account. I can see the Quilt Machine calendar only on my MakeICT email but can not book from there.

I haven’t received notice that you had been authorized. Isn’t that what you are meeting Brian for? If not, I just need to know who authorized you and when, and I can get you added.

Yes, that’s when I’m being authorized. What about the laser cutter.

Instructions for using the laser calendar are linked on the wiki page.

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I will be at make ict tomorrow in the Textiles room, if u would like to come and see me on this subject. I would greatly appreciate the help.

I can’t see the calendar are we meeting at 8 or 9

My plan was 8 but I’m flexible

Brian Pressnall
316-866-1798 (cell)


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I can’t see the calendar are we meeting at 8 or 9

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8 is great. See you then
512 712 3495

@Malissa You should have access now.

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Awesome I was wanting to reserve it for tomorrow morning.

I went though the instructions. I can see the Laser cutting calendar but I can not add Events to it. Same as above. malissalongwilson[at]gmail[dot]com the email it’s associated with.

Did you click the link in the first step to request access?