Long Arm calendar reservations for authorized users

We have created a reservation calendar for the long arm quilting machine. Everyone can view the calendar by going to the Wiki, selecting the textiles area and scrolling down to the photo of the long arm machine. To the right of that is a description. Click on that for information about the machine which includes the link to the calendar. Only authorized users will be able to make resesrvations through the calendar titled MakeICT Makerspace-Long Arm Quilting Machine. If you are an authorized user you should have gotten information on how to add this to your calendar. This will allow resesrvations to be made. If you are not going to use the time reserved, please be sure to cancel this reservation as there may be someone else who can use that time. If you have questions, let me know. June


Would it be helpful to basically do the laser cutter thing, but change the name? ie, instead of https://makeict.org/lasercutter/, something like https://makeict.org/longarm/?


That was the basis of the one we created. Thanks.

Looks like @jameslancaster was on top of things and created MakeICT | Quilting Machine Reservations web page two weeks ago! Awesome!

I updated the Wiki/Long Arm page to have this link.

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That’s funny, I was just trying to come up with a more intuitive route than going through the wiki and didn’t actually click on the example link I posted.

Might add the laser cutter and long arm links to MakeICT | Calendar just so they can be accessed easier from the main site and not wiki? They’re pretty simply named but I don’t think any other page on the actual website links to them.

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The initial placement was intended for use by authorized users but we could put it other places if users woukd like.

Authorized users should be able to import it to their Google calendar and add events directly from their phone.

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Hopefully authorized users got an email from either Steve or James. If not please let us know. We will make any necessary changes after we use it for a while. Think beta test group. :blush:. Ithas already been suggested that we link to the webpage under calendars as a seperate link. Another suggested we put a calendar as a link on Wiki under Textiles. Still another asked for a direct url. As soon as we get more inputwe will make it as easy as possible to find.

Another suggestion was that we have a calendar for textiles as we develop programs and classes.

Thanks everybody. Keep thinking and making suggestions.

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Added to Communications Committee Meeting 2022-05-25 - MakeICT Wiki
Feel free to attend to discuss!

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I noticed that the laser reservations don’t actually appear on the calendar at MakeICT | Calendar
But the text on the page states “This is a calendar of all events and reservations at MakeICT.”

So, all reservations should appear there or the text should state something like classroom reservations.

Ideally google calendar, whatever i-things use and the web site should be able to all agree. It wouldn’t be bad to be able on an app on a personal device to opt out or to have to opt in for equipment reservations.


Thanks Mike. @bradcozine and the members of the communications group appreciate the input.


Yuuuuuup! We sure do!
Quick placeholder page to aggregate our Calendars - MakeICT Wiki

Should the Tormach calendar be there as well?

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