Logitech USB dongle

I was working on a friend’s laptop in the co-working space last night, and I unplugged the USB transmitter for the mouse that goes with that laptop. I think I left it on the tables up front. I believe it says Logitech on the end of it. If someone comes across it could you please put it in the center drawer of the desk by the front door? Thanks.

I guess that was the night before last.

I remember seeing it when I helped you get the laptop from your truck. Then I don’t remember seeing it laying loose while you had the laptop apart.

In the meantime a major amount of rearrangement of the front area took place, so hopefully it was not on the floor. I looked around and did not find it.

I also checked in the tool kits you used and it is not there either.

Thanks Mike.

Check the pockets of what you wore. (that is where I would have put it without thinking)
I did not see it when we moved the tables.