Lockers are now available to rent at Makeict. Contact


How do I do that?

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Send an email to and ask pretty please.

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5 dollars a month . You can go thru paypal and add to membership or thru the makeict envelope at front desk. I can assign you a locker. Thank you.

Thank you . I did forget to say email treasurer@

Is a free locker still in the works for area leads or because of financial situation has that been dropped?

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When I click on the link to the treasurer, I get a message saying I need to set up an account in order to share e-mails. What is this account for?

If you are talking about the email address posted this thread, that is just a “mailto:” link, and what it does depends on how your computer is set up. Usually you will have some kind of desktop email client installed on your computer, which will try to open those links. If you haven’t set it up you will get some kind of setup wizard, which is probably what you are seeing. If your computer isn’t set up to handle those links the way you want, just open up whatever email program you normally use and paste in the email address. That’s really all the link does anyways.


I am wondering about people who had paid for lockers for the period from March 2020 through March 2021, but we’re unable to use their locker due to the move+pandemic?

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Are all lockers that are unassigned currently unlocked? And I suppose the corollary applies of are all unlocked lockers unassigned applies…

No, ALL lockers are locked. Lockers that are rented generally have the white rectangle nametags … though not always. They should have a name on them though. If you want to rent a locker, you simply pick out one that appears to be free, and send an e-mail to treasurer and tell Bev what locker you want. If you have no preference, she can assign the locker. If for some reason the one you want is taken, she will let you know.

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‘All locks are unlocked if you are good at unlocking locks’ -Geratawl the halfling Rogue.

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@Madidegrand i think this is the info you are looking for.