Local Wood Source Wiki Entry

Several Recent Posts have listed a number of local sources for hardwoods. It was suggested that a Wiki Entry be created.

I added a Section at the end of the Woodshop Wiki Page for this. If additional sources are posted here, I will add them or any Wiki authorized member can add them. So far there is Star, Eleerslie, Frieden Lumber, Intermountain Woods (order phone only), and Richard’s Wood Shop,

Please keep them within 150 miles of Wichita, and provide name, address and contact info.


Here’s a direct link to the new section.

@stnick I did some minor formatting edits. Also, the address you had for Star Lumber was wrong, so I fixed that, and I’m not sure the address listed for River City Sawmill is correct.

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Thanks for the formatting help. Looks much better.

FYI There are multiple addresses listed for the /south Yard at Star. I used the McCormick which is probably the Customer Service Counter. The warehouse . /. customer pickup is the Irving address.

The River City is Eric, different [hone humber on Website and FB. from Richard’s Wood Shop in Kechi. Two separate places.

It will be nice to get itr sorted out and have other places listed. I’ve bought wood from several other locations to get posted.