Local places for hardwood?

I used to get my hardwoods from Intermountain Wood Supply, but walked in there yesterday to find out they had closed operation. Where do you guys get your wood?

That’s no good, they supplied a lot of our members! Here’s a list of others though.

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they will still deliver to Wichita from their Omaha location. not sure on minimums

There’s Schmucker Lumber in Inman. They advertise a lot on CL. I haven’t been there, I’m waiting for a new project to come along. There’s Liberty Hardwoods in KC (that’s a drive also). I’ve heard there’s also a source in Newton or Hesston. Nothing much around here anymore. Once in awhile there’s stuff on CL but you have to be careful.

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There’s also Richard’s Wood Shop in Kechi.

I went over to Schmacher Lumber at Inman a couple of weeks ago. They have a pretty good variety of exotics. Prices aren’t too bad. They will cut down to a 4’ length too. It is actually west of Inman. Nice people.

Star Lumber on W. Irving has a hardwood selection. If you are interested in KS hardwoods,

There is a Sawmill in Bellvue, KS. US 24 between Wamego and St. Mary’s. Great selection of area woods. They buy from local land owners and process. My F-I-L sold them trees from his farm. The buyer would come by every 5 -8 years and they would walk the wooded areas and select appropriate trees.

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They sell kansas grown hard wood?

Who is they? Star, Schmackers, you would have to call.

The sawmill in Belvue and the outlet in Pomona do buy logs from local sources.

Mark Frieden Lumber 3462 Delaware Rd., Pomona, KS 66076 (785) 418-5746 Cell Large Selection of Exotic and Domestic Hardwoods. Pomona is on K-68 Between US 75 and Ottawa, KS. 1/3 mile East of Pomona then 2 mines N West side.

Kansas Hardwoods, Inc Sawmill, Kiln Dried Kansas Wood 22620 US-24, Belvue, KS 66407 (785) 456-8141 No Website, they are on Facebook. (Belvue is on US 24 Between Wamego and St Mary’s)

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Star lumber and i talked to them and they do not source wood exclusively from kansas.

Check out this business
Jesse gave a presentation to our Woodworkers Guild a couple months ago.
I have also been to his business. Lots of local hardwood.


Phone # 316-516-2008

Address 13802 NW 80th Street
Whitewater, KS 67154

e-mail: BusenitzCWW@gmail.com

website http://busenitzcustomwoodworks.net/

I was going to suggest this fellow - he has posted some incredible things on FB - and Whitewater is just up the road a bit!