Little House on the Rocks

Was digging around my wood pile and found this angled cutoff piece. The first thing I said to myself is, “What the hell do you plan on making with this?” and usually I just toss in the burn pile. But for some reason this time a voice in the back of my head stubbornly said, “Screw you! I’ll make a house right now with it.”

So I made this little house and carved out some rocks on another scrap piece. The main house part is cedar from some fencing. The roof is a fancy hardwood I found in an old dresser, not sure on the species. The windowsills and door are walnut. The doorknob is poplar and the stone carving piece is a glued up piece of pine and poplar.

Aside from the tearout on the cedar, I’m pretty happy with the end result. I’ll probably explore ideas like this more.

EDIT: I’m getting a bit addicted to making these so I’m just going to start adding new pictures to this top post so I don’t spam the forum with my little homes.

I can stop burning stuff now when my shop gets too cluttered. I can simply make some houses.

Wood scrap types I’ve saved so far?
Cedar, walnut, purple heart, some really old pine from a house, really old redwood from that same house, a bunch of poplar, spalted pear, and an unknown wood that possibly could be meranti.


That looks awesome. Was that all hand carving? Did you use carving knives or chisels?

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Thanks! I did stick with hand tools on this. The windows and door was with my 1/2" normal chisel. But the siding I did with a small 1/4" carving chisel. And the rocky pattern was with a little v-shaped carving chisel from the same set. It was pretty relaxing and fun to work on.


I made another one tonight. My cats are definitely happy with no power tool usage. It’s been pretty relaxing making these.


I love it!

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Thanks! I’ve really enjoyed making them. If you start to see random little houses popping up around the makerspace you know where they probably came from. I’m tempted to rent out a locker just to build a little village in it.


The fey would appreciate it I’m sure!


I’m sorry I’m not familiar with this. I liked it but forgot to reply. Is this an abbreviation for one of the shops or is this a person I haven’t met yet?

@hippyman It’s another word for “fairies.” :blush:

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Ah okay thanks!
These actually did make me think of these little tiny fairy homes I saw a while back on the internet. Not sure if it is a common thing or just a specific artist, but they were these neat little mini houses added to natural structures like trees and rocks.

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@hippyman They’re totally a thing! In Scotland they were all over. My kiddos’ favorite local park there is actually a “fairy wood.”


That’s really cool. But holy cow that big sculpture is incredible! I probably can’t make anything like that yet but maybe one day. haha

Not just fairies,

Brownies, gnomes and dryads. Also banshee, goblins, hobgoblins…

There may not be scientific proof of the fey, but that’s just fey mischief IMHO.


Well that gives me quite a few creative options to work with.

We have a family of brownies that live in the space. If you have kids, the borrowers is a fun book! They made a movie about it but I refuse to see it. I can tell they screwed it up from the cover.

I’ve a hobgoblin that lives under the step on the side of the house (carl) that teases the dogs, faries that live in my bushes that make the wind swirl whenever I try to sweep the front porch, and a gnome that lives in my basement that moves tools around.


lol So that explains why I always lose my tools immediately after sitting them down.