Little Blue Mill

We’re making chips!

You may have seen CAD Group tinkering with the little blue mill on Thursday evenings, and after a total upgrade it’s finally up and running! Still needs a bit of fine tuning, but we’re closing in on getting this machine ready for members to use. The idea is that this mini milling machine will be used to train people to use the Tormach. Expect classes to be coming eventually to get people authorized.

But for now, stop by FabLab on Thursday evenings and watch us make progress. We’ll post more project details and videos later.


I appreciate all the work the CAD Group has put into getting that machine running! On Maker Mondays it’s always felt a little weird to have most of the equipment along that wall non-functional as I describe what the Fab Lab has to offer.


The little blue mill made pockets last night - accurate little pockets! See video of the mill in action.

We’ll start talking about classes and authorizations eventually, but for now we’re just having fun playing with it and seeing what it can do. It’s like our new puppy :dog:

So, props to @Jimmy for leading the work and having the know-how to make this happen, and to @SteveO for providing much of the mill’s new guts. Also thanks to @ssaner and @chris_w for their contributions, and everyone who stopped by to cheer us on.


We even have a little blue dustpan to clean up the chips :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


The Little Blue Mill has a tooling plate! Now it’s super easy to hold down stock, and we’re one step closer to having some classes.