Lite Brite Chandelier

Lite Brite Chandelier

What is it, and what does it do?
Turns on the magic of colorful light

Why are you making it
Art show

Using the method I learned from @deanday I’ve melted clear acrylic scraps and colored plastic in acetone. I’ve learned that as the acetone evaporates that the mold contracts. I will use it as glue and to make freeform shapes.

The light wasn’t as bright as expected so I took it apart. It had white cardboard as the reflective material easily removable. With wiring next to that should I cover in aluminum foil or spay paint it with reflective paint?

I also have LED ropes I will be using to add dimension and shape


NICE WORK! Try the LED strips on the white card board. The main issue is heat.

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It’s complete! On Display for Let there be Lite Brite at District on Commerce.

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