Lightburn Settings

When installing and setting up for a laser do I need to worry about any settings besides the bed dimensions? It asks for interface type like GRBL and other ones that I am not familiar with. I feel it might be beneficial to add a screenshot of the settings page for light burn to the wiki for future reference for anyone that’s trying to set up the software for the first time. Thanks in advance.

I am dropping a comment in here.
I just purchased a small 20x28 100watt laser.
I might need same info


I’ve been meaning to post instructions and a copy of the config for our lasers, but I don’t think I ever got around to it. To start off if you choose the Ruida controller and enter approximately the correct dimensions that should get you close enough I think. Most of the important configuration is on the controllers.

I’ll try to get a copy of the config when I’m down there tomorrow.


Sweet the one I got coming has Ruida controller