LightBurn error message - Mario

I spent a few hours on the laser this evening. Every once in awhile I’d get a random message when I pressed play that the laser was “busy or already running” (I don’t remember exactly what it said, but it was something along those lines). I thought it was super odd because:

  • I made sure that I was only clicking play once. The third or fourth time it randomly popped up, I decided it wasn’t my clicking. Yes, it was right after I clicked play, but I wasn’t multi clicking.
  • the laser started and then the error message popped up, after I took my hand off the mouse (a couple times, I was already peering excitedly at project and not near the mouse).

I don’t know that this is a big concern, more of a pretty consistent oddity. It’s a little concerning that it told me it couldn’t make the laser go even though it was doing exactly that.

Hmm, as I type this out, I wonder if the mouse just needs to be cleaned or replaced.

Side side note: the control key on the keyboard is sticking.