Level Up ICT Gaming Convention

A good friend of mine is going all out organizing the Level Up ICT gaming convention at Century II October 7th-9th 2022. They are definitely wanting to highlight all gaming options on vendors and activities as possible. Video games, tabletop games, miniatures, arcades, etc…

So far they’ve got 20 special guests lined up and mini events going on.

Might be an opportunity for some and definitely a good time for all gamers!

Info and contact:

Facebook: Collector’s Maze
Instagram: @Mazecollectors
Twitter: @Mazecollectors
YouTube: Collector’s Maze
Twitch: Collector’s Maze
Reddit: Collector’s Maze
Discord: Collector’s Maze
LinkedIn: Collector’s Maze
Website: Collectorsmaze.com


Hmm… Do you think they would entertain having a MakeICT booth out there?

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I’m sure they would. There are a lot of creatives affiliated with them in general. Writers, artists, crafters, photographers, etc.

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