LED Billiard Table

Had a billiard table sitting in my basement for a bit in pieces so I decided I ought to knock a ‘small’ project off my list.

From what I can tell, it use to be a Sears 8ft billiards table. It was missing a few pieces, but everything else was in pretty good shape after getting some fresh felt from Chilton’s.

I ended up 3d printing the diamonds and the corner pieces. They didn’t look super sharp when they were printed so I ended up using some high build primer and some light standing to make them look like a little nicer.

For some fun, I picked up a 25ft of LEDs, cut them into strips, soldered some wire onto the strips, and then slapped them under the bumpers and in the pockets.

I still want to come up with a battery pack and add a shelf to it, but otherwise, I think I’m done with the cosmetic stuff.

…also, it’s a bit harder to play with the colors fading through. Every time the color changes, the 8 ball seems to be in a different spot. Lol


I like it! I don’t know if illuminating the playing surface is sanctioned by the World Billiards Authority or whatever group pontificates about proper pool, but you’re probably not holding sanctioned events in your house, anyway.


That is the sickest pool table I’ve ever seen. I want one

Now that is cool pool!