Leather Jacket Repair Recommendations Sought

I have a leather jacket pushing half a decade old. It’s a thin leather (think sport coat not bomber jacket).
Each side pocket has a rip running from the seam of the pocket towards the hem. I think it’s repairable.
Does anyone have a leather repair business or professional to recommend here in Wichita?

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Disclaimer: I don’t have any recent experience to share.

It used to be a thing that most dry cleaners had somebody either on staff or on contract to do minor repairs of leather apparel. I would likely start with calling them.

Otherwise possibly someone that has made clothing for Renaissance faire might be able to advise.


Or shoe repair shop . I was surprised to see one recently when I ate at Fusion cafe.
The one in Normandy Square at woodlawn and central appears to be gone.

Google maps finds two such shops.

I also know of a Tandy leather shop on south meridian.

All of these are places dealing with non suede leather. And contacting them MIGHT get you a lead.

Lastly, i know of a furniture upholstery guy, who might do such repairs … and might know who else does.
And he might be retired and not answer the phone. My last call to him last year he declined any work. Someone in his house was sick. I will share his number privately as he does not have a sign on his backyard shop.

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Before I joined Makeict, I took all my leather that needed stitched to the Cowboy Boot shop on west Central
I’d either tell him how I wanted it or I’d use adhesive & he’d stitch it down
Reasonably priced & good work