Lawn Mower Season

Joe’s gone over both the mowers and made some changes.

I used both mowers this evening and here’s some notes (didn’t finish mowing, but others are welcome to go for what’s left)

There is now a valve on the fuel lines to keep the gas from draining out through the carburetors. The red valve will need to be in line with the fuel line to get the mower to start.

Please make sure the valve is perpendicular to the line when you are done mowing for the day.

ALSO, please double check the tire pressure before you go out and mow! The tires on the grey craftsman will go flat within 24hrs of being filled up (probably need to put an inner tube in both wheels). Keep in mind that the left foot pedal on the grey craftsman works double duty as a clutch and a break, so just like an old stick shift, you have to ease into drive.

The red one is a lot easier to learn on if you’ve been wanting to give mowing a shot. (Foot pedal has a softer clutch engagement). You’ll still need to check the tire pressure on the red mower, there is a small air compressor in maintenance if it’s needed.


These two mowers have now moved on to new lives. In their place we have purchased a brand new Toro ZTR.

If you may be interested in volunteering to cut the grass this year you will be required to go over a saftey (R.O.P.S.) and maintenance training before operating the mower.

Keep your eyes peeled for further information on training.