Lawn Maintenance

Next mowing Saturday is May 15 9am, Volunteers are appreciated. The riding mower works, if you need training in the use of it, lemme know. I will get to the other machines sometime this week. Rain date May 16 (Sunday) at 2 pm

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Just an FYI, in the center courtyard there is a green extension cord that runs from the building across the NE corner of the blacktop to the pavilion (for the security lights) I was out on Sunday morning and noticed that it had been “chopped up”. I repaired it. Just want to make it know that it is there.


That cord has taken a beating!

Should we bury it?

Or raise it?

Convert it to solar?

Replace the lights with bioluminescent mushrooms?

How should we keep it from being cut?

We can solve this problem


Im sorry. The cord has to either be marked brightly, (NOT GREEN!), raised or buried, maybe a warning sign nearby?

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Not to be “that guy” but if it is an extension cord that has been in place so long for a specified purpose we have eaten it up and are thinking of burying it to maintain service, should we be trying to do something else before we run afoul of electrical/building code?


Did somebody replace the worn and bent blade on the mower? Also the deck belt is not the right one, at least when I was fixing the spindle and steering issues

Mower ran great when I used it over a week ago

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That wasn’t the question.

The belt that was on it is too long causing the tensioner to wrap too far around and the belt rubs against one of the other pieces of hardware. The blade I put back on is the right length, unlike the one I took off, but it’s bent so it doesn’t cut at the same height on both ends. Working and working right are not the same thing.

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I will look into it.

What kind of mower blades does the mower have? Mulching, or regular?

Does the mower need 2 or 3 blades?

Well, I’m not sure if anybody has a preference on blade type. It uses 2, though.

No mowing tomorrow, May 15: rain is forecast and the mower is be worked on; we’ll aim to mow again in 2 weeks: May 29. I will be working on the mower tomorrow, hopefully I can get it done. I will try to get the new blades and belt mounted.

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Mower has new front wheels, belt still needs work, blades, oil filter, on order. Apparently not all 46" cut blades are the same length…do we have an oil pan somewhere?

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If we do I have not seen one. Mower is looking good though! Thanks for all you’ve done!

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Stopped by to do some work last night and took a look at the mower on my way out. New tires look nice! The belt is twisted. I don’t know if that’s an installation issue or if something else caused it. It was 3am so I didn’t stick around to look closer.

Sometimes if a belt was coiled wrong from the manufacturer, it will continue to try to twist. This can cause it to jump off of the pulleys.

It’s been untwisted

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I had planned on mowing tomorrow but it being Memorial Day weekend I decided to the weekend off, so NO MOWING TOMORROW. I will do it next Saturday. Thank you for your understanding. Have a nice weekend!

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