Is the laser set up?


The electrical isn’t finished for the lasers or the vent fan. Conduit and wiring is in place for both machines, but Steve said there isn’t anything up in the ceiling for the fan yet. Once that is finished we will need to move them both into their final resting place, drop the feet, re-install the tubes, align the mirrors, and test everything out to make sure that it works.

We’re working on the ventilation and the timer circuit for the fans and cleaning up some of the rats nest inside Mario, but until the electrical is complete there isn’t much we can do to speed things up.

Like @Christian said, we are still waiting for the new electrical system to be completed. As soon as it is, I should be able to get things like the 3D printers and Vinyl cutter up and running pretty quickly. For the laser cutters, we are still working on the exhaust system. Some good progress was made last night, but still a little ways to go. I’ve been saying that my goal is to have the laser cutters running by the end of this month. I could be a bit quicker than that, but I don’t want to make promises.

Actually, how clean are the beds on the lasers? It’s supposed to be relatively warm this weekend, so if those need cleaning now would be a good time for somebody to take them out and hit them with the de-greaser and pressure wash them.