Laser reservation notes

Not sure if anyone cares but I added a new note to the instruction page:

  1. Asked that you only reserve one laser at a time. Is that fair?

  2. Added a note that you should always say which laser you want, even if you can use either one. Most people do this, I never care which one I use so I had been saying “either laser”. But the other day I showed up, both lasers were in use, I said I had a reservation, and had to flip a coin to pick which person I was kicking off - not cool! I think I was the only one not smart enough to see that’d be an issue but now it’s on the page :slight_smile:

Any other feedback about the reservation system we want to discuss? It’s the busy time, that’s for sure!


:blush: we care. Thanks


@kim so no to reserving both laser cutters for the laser class?

Click the page… it says

Please only reserve one laser at a time, unless you are making a reservation for a MakeICT class or event.


It would also be nice to post Laser Down and Back Up on reservation calendar.
Reserving a Laser would be futile if the machine is down.

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