Laser power settings

After giving up on the green machine, I moved to the red one to try to salvage something for my efforts. When I started lightburn, it came up with what I believe were the previous settings. The power was set to 100% for 2 of the 4 layers. When I went through the class years ago, we were told to keep the power below 80% iirc, to prolong tube life. Is this still the guidance being given?

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Yes that guidance is still definitely being given.


Yep, I see people regularly misusing machines in FabLab. Having signage/QR codes with links to wiki instructions is one possible solution being considered. Hopefully people will be encouraged to read instructions when they aren’t sure instead of winging it.


Do you suppose that is simply a function of being a bigger organization today than we were 5 years ago? Or am I just paying more attention now? It seems like people are less likely to clean up after themselves now than they used to be, too. But again, maybe I’m just noticing it more.

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I placed a ln 80 watt setttings file in the folders that people are welcome to use as a starting point.

It needs to be loaded in lightburn.

It’s hard to say either way. Like you, I’ve been noticing it more recently but also paying more attention. Is it worse than 5 years ago? Probably, since we have many times more members now and it’s more difficult to keep track of everything…but then I may have set Mario on fire 5 years ago. Soooo….not a new problem :sweat_smile:


Accidents do happen. I was the first to crash the green machine after we got it. That was sickening.