Laser Moving Help need

We are planning to try and move the new laser into MakeICT at 1 tomorrow. We are looking for a few strong people to help. If all goes as planned we will be there sometime after 1. If something expected happens I will post an update on the this thread and then drive over and update whoever might be waiting.

Please confirm if you want to help. We don’t need a ton of people, but 4 to 8 more strong people would be great. I know this is short notice, but I am hoping we can pull together and safely make this happen after all the waiting.


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Still in Atchison or I’d be there big guy.


Do you need any 4 wheel furniture dollies, or is the plan to use a pallet jack or something else?

David - plan to use pallet jack. We have pallet jack and dollies so we are in good shape there.

I can help. Where do I need to be at 1?


We just got it loaded. Coming over soon.