Laser Cutter, Project Help

Hi!! I was told that i could get on here and post about my project and that maybe an existing member could help me get it done! I am making a rc boat, its mainly 1/8 ply, so i need someone that would be willing to help me get it laser cut. I have the drawing files, or i can get dxf files. If someone would be willing to cut them for me that would be Great!

Thanks - Brant Huckaby

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We also have some 5’ x 5’ sheets of Baltic Birch ply in the classroom. They’re $30 each, and the money goes to the new building fund. If you take one, just fill out an envelope by the payment box and make sure it is marked “Plywood - attn: David”.

DAVID, Do we still have a surplus of mfd? I am willing to cut some stock for the laser cutters. If so where might I find it?

Thanks @David! Do you think you could help me get it cut?

I could, but I’m afraid I’m tied up on a deadline for my real-life gig. I won’t really be available for much of anything for at least another week. Sounds like you have all the files you need, so there should be several people who could help you out.

Hey, members, can someone give him a hand getting started with his project? @jwithers, @kim, @ssaner, @Christian, @jameslancaster, anyone?

I figure if we have much, it would be lined up behind/near the lasers. We might want to see about getting more. @jcarpenter81 or @kim, do you know who has been dealing with getting this stuff?

@BrantHuckaby have you taken the intro to laser class yet? There should one on the calendar in the first week of November, if not. If you don’t feel like doing it yourself, I can do it for a small fee.

@Paula we have a couple large pieces under the shopbot I’ll cut up, but we do need to buy some more, because we are almost out.


@jwithers is there a way i can get a hold of you so we can talk about this more?

Ive been meaning to get more cut up

We still have a fair bit left, Atleast enough for another 100lbs worth

I think we are out of surplus MDF, @Dje4321 cut up the last of it. It’s actually perfect timing, we will work to get more after the move. Until then, use up laser scraps, use every piece, pretend it’s the buffalo! If you have large projects where you really need big pieces you can buy MDF at home depot.

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We are out of the cut down sheets, I need to cutdown the last of the big peices we cant use on the laser

We still have 12 sheets of Birch plywood at the makerspace. I overheard someone asking where it was the cheapest today for a project so I thought I’d bring this back up.