Laser Cutter Maintenance Day

Both of the Laser Cutters are in need of some TLC. Anyone free on the 16th (Monday) to help out? We need to clean the beds, realign mirrors, and perform a few other tasks.

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I think I can be free on Monday if it is during the day.

What time are you thinking. I would make time Monday after 1:clock1030:

I could be there in the evening.

I’m aavailable on the 16th anytime

Okay, let’s do 6:00-8:00. I’ll be there earlier in the day, so if you want to help out before that send me a message and I can probably find something for you to do.

We typically take the laser beds offsite to a car wash with a pressure washer to clean them, so if someone has a truck that could be done earlier in the day. We have some industrial strength de-greaser to help loosen up the accumulated junk.


Ill be there around 4-6pm-ish and will be glad to help out.

Thanks to @ssaner, @Dje4321, @jwithers, and Steve Thornton for meeting on Monday to work on the Lasers.

We cleaned and aligned the optics in both lasers, vacuumed out loose bits, cleaned and oiled the rails, cleaned the vent fans, and installed return springs on the focus probe on Mario to alleviate the sticking issues. No one was able to take the beds and pressure wash them, so that remains to be done.