Laser authorization

I took the laser class 2 weeks ago and my badge is still not working on the scanner for the machine. Am i missing a step or do I just need to be granted access by someone?


I just tried hitting the button again Nick. Want to try tomorrow?

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I’ll try. Thanks!

Sometimes I have to take my badge out of the badge holder I have it in.

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Hi Kim, I tried to use my badge on the Laser Machine but did not work; as time permits could you please check if I have the authorization please?

Sorry @DUmana, should work now.

I SWEAR I am pressing all the buttons all the time!

Yes, you had the authorization, it just hadn’t pulled over to badge system.

Steve we can take this offline if you want, but when I teach the laser class now, I tell people to check back in tomorrow and your badge should turn on the laser. I don’t really like saying that, and now I’m even less confident that it’s true. I also sometimes have people who want to stay after and cut something they’ve brought, but they can’t do that unless I turn on the laser with my badge and then I’m the one logged in and kinda have to stay.

Would there be some way for me to get this pull done at the end of class so they could test their badges before they leave? It must be frustrating for them to have to make an extra trip out only to find out that their badges don’t work.


Thank you very much!