Laser arrived

Huge Thanks to Brad Cozine for helping me move this into my house.
And a Special thanks to Terry McGrath for the wire donation!
I truely appreciate both of you!
Here are some photos of the unboxing and set up.
100watt laser


Nice machine Frank if you don’t mind me asking what was the ticket when said and done.

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Well you’re very welcome my friend! I’m really jealous now, that’s a beautiful piece of equipment you have there.

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Frank, Wow how awesome!! I cant wait to see all the fantastic things you’ll make! Congrats on your new baby.

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Nice. Are you running this from 110v or 220v?

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Mario Luigi meet Deadpool lol


Gotta, ask straight on the boat or on ebay? what seller did you use I have been wanting to pull the trigger but Kinda gun shy. I would love to bend your ear.

What brand of laser? Where did you buy it and how long did it take to get it?

About 3 weeks.

On ebay but would recommend using Amazon if I were to do it again.
Orion motor tech was seller
It’s a Chinese laser but most of them are anyhow with the exception of epilog

Before you use it too much I would recommend checking the tube and power supply to make sure it’s set up properly. Sometimes with these machines the seller will advertise a “100-watt” machine, but it really has a lower wattage tube that has a peak power output of 100-watts and can’t run at that level for sustained period without drastically reducing its lifespan. I would check the specs provided by the manufacturer to make sure everything is what you expect. I would also measure the length of the tube to make sure it is correctly labeled. Wattage is pretty directly correlated to tube length.

The specs from the tube manufacturer should have some kind of recommendation for input current. I’d highly recommend checking that against the max current setting on your power supply. A lot of times they come tuned too high to make them cut better, but again that can drastically reduce tube life.

Another thing you might keep an eye on is the input wiring for power. I’ve seen a couple forum posts about wires in similar machines going up in smoke when running on 110v; all the components were rated for 110v/220v, but the wires used to connect them couldn’t handle the doubled current from running it at 110v.

In any case, hope you enjoy your new toy. :slight_smile:


It’s a beautiful toy Frank! Congrats and have fun!

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Super Frank! Waiting on you making many more new things :slight_smile:

That’s what she said… :slight_smile:


ROFLOL :rofl:

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Deadpool meet Thor


Gratz!!! Need some vinyls lol