Large format printer

Do we have a way to print large format patterns from PDF at the space?

I would like to know this too. I have been told that the wife format printer in the classroom worked, but that was a while back.

Was also told there was a wiki page about the operation of it, but I can’t find the page.

That page was a bit outdated, so I updated based on my experience using it a couple weeks ago. Mostly instructions on how to install the driver. It’s also set up on laptop 01 (FridaKahlo) if you don’t want to meet around with that. I found that it was pretty simple to use once I fixed a few issues.


My work has a Pattern Plotter they want to get rid of, I’ve asked if they would donate it, but I can also ask what it would cost to buy. It’s a Gerber we use 63" paper. I’m beta testing a pattern making system and I’d prefer not to do the PDFs I have to tape together.

Do you know what model Gerber? Wow 63" paper is enormous… does it have options to put on smaller rolls?

(as a reference to the size, the biggest we had at Cessna in a roll plotter was 36") … Also do you have any data on what percent the roll can distort over length. (Big plots tend to distort a lot… that is why we had a giant gerber flat bed plotter)

I believe so, I can get the model number on Monday.

Other than the massive size, does this do anything different than our current printer?