Large 3D Printer

This would be a fun project for the FabLab.


Hope that guy keeps to the decaf.

I watched the next vid too it seems it turned out to be a decent printer. I would just do ridiculous things with it. Like get a .6 nozzle on that bad boy and print a full size Minas Tirith. Have the wife paint it, ad individual leds for each window and door, add a weather station inside and manage it with a pi.


I’d be willing to donate the extrusion to make this printer for the FabLab if there is interest in making it.

I have seen some of his videos, he can be entertaining.

These are my personal options. I will let @ssaner speak definitively about Fablab. My feeling from members of the current board is that they would support any member imitative that drives activity. Please all of my comments as constructive criticism, and I am 100% supportive of large 3d printer of some format and would help out.

It is a cool thing and totally doable. There is just gathering the materials and $$, and getting space for it. @ssaner and I were looking at the layout of the new room for laser placement. I think there would some extra space for something like this.

We do have some parts from previous reprap build, and I had ask the forums about people interested in starting a collaborative cool reprap/custom built 3d printer project. I would be happy to help out with any large format 3d printer project.

I think it would have to 100% member funded and maintained. Until well after the new building is finished. I think this would be a small incremental (still cool) project, but I don’t think it would get much use (same for any large format printer we build). It would be just another Cartesian printer, just larger.


I think in large format are a bad design choice because you are moving a large amount of mass on the build surface and project being printed. They would also take up the limited floor space.

H-bot or Core XY design with dropping bed.
Could yield better print speeds and take up half as much floor space for the same build volume.

Could be cool the ceiling would be the limit. If you pared it with the 3d scanner members could make full size prints of themselves.

Hang printer
It would need more space, but would be something new and interesting new comers to see, maybe a corner of the coworking room.

Good luck.


Good points, Tom. I rarely would need a build plate larger than 300mm but I think it would be nice to have an option available.


I’d like to have the occasional option too
Like for full size helmets for cosplay i.e.