Knitting class

Would anyone be free on a Saturday afternoon to test out a knitting class idea?

Like 2 folks tops.

I’d like to try and test out a few ideas before offering it to the public.

The basic stretchy cast on/off and two by two rib stitching can be used for quite a few different things. The pattern is easy and the repetition makes for good practice I think.

I can try to set a time if there’s interest.

Thanks! :black_heart:

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I will be in KC or I would try again to knit. My tension has always been way too high.

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You just need some lavender and chamomile tea!



Why would I need those? :thinking:

I think he meant to easy my tension.

Gotcha. Cause my brain is like, catnip tea would probably be better.

But I’m trying to stop “well actually-ing” people. :sweat_smile: