Knife sharpening

Does anyone know how to sharpen knives?

My foraging knife is dull from all my plant thievery and I kinda wanna learn.



For a beginner, I would suggest a system such as Lansky or something similar. The key to sharpness is consistent angles. The Lansky makes that part easy. An advanced system would be wet stones, but that takes some practice. A cheaper option is self adhesive sandpaper on something flat–usually glass. Perhaps your plant knife would be a great tool to practice on. Tons of YouTube videos on this subject. Try Rex Kruger.


The wood shop used to be set up for sharpening…I’m thinking it still is. All we gotta do is find the current expert(s)…


@David But I don’t go into the wood shop. :sweat_smile:

@J3553.T Will look into. YouTube is my favorite and I prefer detailed instruction.

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I have a Gatco sharpener. Similar to the Lansky. Works great. Easy to use.


Welcome new friend!

And I’ll try anything twice, wiling to share? I’m usually at the space after 5pm in the garden. :grin:

never tried the gatco. Does it use a clamp for the blade and guide rods? I used the lansky many times, but my cat knocked some stuff off of a higher shelf and broke the rod guides off of all but one of the stones… @Noahjwc if you want to try out this lansky with a single stone, I can bring to the makerspace sometime.


The sharpener clamps to the blade and allows for fixed angles. My kit has three different stones and oil. It’s about the same as the Lansky.

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I would bring it but I’m not yet a member. I’m hoping to get signed up soon.

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Take ya time! Let me know if I can help.

I’m down! Let me know when works for you. I’m usually free after garden stuff on Sundays.

I left the sharpener in the display case at the front desk for you. I put your name on a sticky note.


On way to grab! Thanks!

You’re welcome. I didn’t keep the instructions and only one stone left. The stones are replaceable (cheaper than buying the whole kit maybe) and I’m sure instructions can be found online or I will help you if you have trouble.