Kiosk Build Night June 4

We have Kiosk Build Night scheduled for 6:30 tonight, but with our Annual Meeting coming up this weekend, I’m up to my eyeballs in preparing the Treasurer’s “State of the Makerspace” report. I’ll be working on that this evening early, but plan to actually come down to work on the kiosk later – probably after dark, and late into the night.

If anyone has their heart set on working on it, there’s plenty to do:

  • We need to make the front steel plate fit the upper section so that it can open/close easily. I had envisioned welding two or three hinges to the lower edge, so that it can open from the top.

  • We need to drill holes to mount the bill acceptor, check acceptor, and coin acceptor to the back side of the faceplate.

  • We need to finish making modifications so that the edges align when it is closed. We discussed welding a few long, thin pieces of steel that match the contour of the top of the kiosk, but we’ve also discussed simply bending the plate steel so that it curves to match the front profile. I’m open to whatever works best and is secure.

  • We still need to cut the simplified vinyl for the illuminated sign on top. If you are up to speed on using the vinyl cutter and wish to tackle that, @alysajaunice or I can provide the file. We’ll want a single color of vinyl, as the sign is backlit and the graphics will be silhouetted against it. If we use metallic silver or gold, it would still be quite readable whenever the backlight isn’t on. Use your own judgement, and if we hate it, we can peel it off and start again :smiling_imp:

  • We need to drill the holes to mount the touchscreen. Keep in mind that the screen should be high enough so that it clears the acceptors on the front, but low enough to see the backlit sign and for the more vertically-challenged among us to use it. If those goals are incompatible, then maybe we can get @jcarpenter81 to make us a stepstool, right?

  • I think we’re also going to need to mount a 110v power strip on the inside, so that we can have a single cord out the back at the bottom. That will supply power to the computer, bill acceptor, and whatever transformers we need for low voltage devices inside.

I’ll be at the computer this evening, so if there are questions, feel free to post here or send a message to @David if needed. I’ll keep an eye out. Thanks, everyone!

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