Greetings Makers! Is there anyone that has an interest in making kilts? After 3 years of daily wear of various kilts, I have learned what I do and dont like, and am interested in commissioning one ( or more if the price and quality are right)

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I’ve always wanted to try it once.

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Let’s get together and talk details some time. I look forward to your experience and insight.

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Awesome I’ll PM you my number

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They look incredibly comfortable. I’m now curious about what it is you like and don’t like as I am not familiar with kilt options.

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Speaking only as a skirt wearer… you want longer and fuller… and some sort of expanding waistband.

(There is a nice breeze in a skirt, but even longer skirts are hard to negotiate at times… I have played my drums in one… but that is always a bit dicey.)

Its a bit of a list that would take a bit to explain. alot having to do with placement of pockets and how they are attached, and the way the two halves of the apron fasten together

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A properly worn kilt should hit mid knee, and ride a bit higher on the waist than pants.


Spose I could make my own sporran.

Does one wear a hoop or a crinoline under a kilt?

sporran is used to keep your crinoline down :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Is a prescription required?