Kiln usage

Is there a way I could get authorized to load and unload the kiln?

We’ve already got 4 or 5 people that are doing this. If you have pieces that you are waiting to get fired, please stay tuned to the Kiln Firing Notices thread here on the forum to see when they get run through. We wait until we have a full load to run each time, especially as we are trying to do our part to reduce expenses for MakeICT as we’re rebuilding our membership. We know this can cause delays. You can get pieces fired at Evans for I think $1.50/lb if you’re in a big hurry.


A bunch of glaze ware just came out yesterday: Kiln Firing Notices - MakeICT


Also let it be known to save the space money we try not to fire kiln until we have at least an 80% load or better so make more stuff lol if you want it faster too


There is over a full load waiting to be bisqued


I will be at the studio for Maker Monday tonight, I will load up the kiln and get it going…

thank you,


Thank you very much Scott