Kay Scates Glaze Workshop

Thanks so much to Kay Scates for coming out to share some of her magic with us in the pottery room and thanks to everyone who came out to soak up some of her expertise!

I will post pics of how the piece she demonstrated on in class on Sunday


And this is the piece all finished!
Looks amazing!!


Not what I was hoping for! Once I see it in-person, I’ll decide if I’m wowed (not likely!), if I’m going to try re-firing, or if I’ll re-glaze. Stay tuned!

Thank you all for coming to the workshop; it was a pleasure meeting and talking with you!!!

Thank you, Gaye, for all the time and work you invest in Ceramics!


It’s still pretty. I love that texture around the widest part and the glaze looks great too.

Thank you, Dan!

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