Kansas state Fair entries

This year I’m working on 7 entries for the Kansas State Fair

Clothing and Textiles:
Creative purse: turning a zip pouch into a fold-over top zip purse
Quilt on a stick: 8" x9" windmill in sunflower patch at night with the milky way
Home Decor: pillow with kimono scrap and boro stitches
Recycled garment: a dress made of T-shirts

Fine Art:
Fiber Art: stitches pour out of me
Thread Painting: Sea Turtle
Amature Photography: Life in Kansas: This is my Kansas

why are you making it: I started participating in the State Fair to give me an outlet to create during my cancer treatment. I now participate to celebrate my remission.

Planning board

More paperwork and images for thread art

Purse pattern to be converted

Silk dupioni nthreads for my thread painting

Start of my pillow and backing of pillow just need some handstitching.


Well I only got 4 of my 7 projects complete, life and I normally start in June this year I stared in August. 2 art and 2 clothing and textile. I got 3rd for my quilt on a stick and 2nd for my textile art. I did not finish my thread painting and am going to try to work on it a little each week. What I’ve done on it so far is about an hour of work.



Nice! We should get a group together to support State Fair projects

We should be at the State fair with all the other makers as well.