Jute/hemp rope!

Dyed ropes!

What is it, and what does it do?
Depends but I like practicing knots/doing projects.

why are you making it:
I’ve always wanted to learn how.

I didn’t know how these would come out so I didn’t take a lot of photos out of fear.

But I think I did okay! I want to try again here in a few months and I’ll try to better document the process.

Still working on a few details


What are you using to make the rope? Did you come up with a role making machine or did you make something?

I’m queen of borrowing things, a buddy in derby has a rope making machine.

Some jute, some hemp.

And hopefully giant macramé. Sone of my hanging trailing plants are getting pretty hefty.

…. I also want to try and make one of those swinging/hanging porch chair things.

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Your rope looks good. It has a good even twist. I have a machine myself.

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I would like to learn how to make rope like this, and learn how to dye it too


I got a bit of practice before hand.

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Me too! Beautiful