June 22 Multi-Color Print

If you’re not signed up for tomorrow’s screen printing class, it may help to see what we’ll be printing. Bring a shirt. Instruction and ink provided. Yes, it glows in the dark. I mean, how could you NOT, right?

Shirt Gif

You can even play with this PNG to see how the design works with whatever garment you bring.

If you can’t make it for the instruction, please consider attending our first Maker Monday in July to have it printed then. (Bring a small donation to cover the materials and use of the equipment.)


I’ve been trying to get authorized for ages but my times never sync up. Does this class count as an authorization or should I wait for the next?

I can authorize you at the end of the class.

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Absolutely LOVE that design! Looking forward to bringing a t-shirt to Print Jam on July 11!


Such a great design!
With multicolor screen printing, do you overlap the colors at all or is it handled completely by registration and alignment?

@doug.wilson Thats legit! Sorry we missed it I want to take that class but had a DJ gig. That would have been such a cool print to do on a shirt! Hope get another opportunity to do that! Thank you @doug.wilson!!!

I love that print and hope to be there on the 11th. What’s the best t-shirt for screen-printing: 100% cotton, 50/50 blend, etc? Is there a local place that has good selection that folks know of?

Cotton/poly works great. Rayon… not so much.

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Will the print on the 11th be the same color as the class? Just wondering what colors of shirts might work?

We’ll be doing a dark seafoam green for the van. Just about any Grey or neutral-valued shirt should work.


@doug.wilson Thanks for doing the print yesterday - the shirts turned out great!

You mentioned to iron the design and then dry the shirts. I ironed each of them for a couple minutes on the ‘cotton’ setting. I’m don’t remember any details on drying them. Are they to be ‘dried’ while dry? Low or high temperature? How long?

The drier is probably overkill, but I dry them while still dry.


@doug.wilson Hey what website did you say the royalty free pictures are on?



@doug.wilson Thank you!