June 14th Camp Destination Innovation

9AM-2:30 It’s been a few years since they’ve been in the space. This is a low cost entrepreneurship camp for high school students. As this is all student driven curriculum, I’m not sure as of yet what they will need. I will ask for help once I know what they want, but I wanted to get this up on our radar.

I am curious to hear how this went. I’d like to contribute next time.

I can’t speak for Malissa, but I was there one of the days and some of the kids there are pretty cool. One is making is own video games and knows C# and some of the programs for making games. He wanted to join, but didn’t think he could afford it… so I am trying to get him to teach some classes to pay for it. I hope he comes… he and most of the other kids I met there were obvious makers. If we dont see them now, we will see them later. :slight_smile:
You should definitely volunteer for this one.

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I know one family has committed to becoming members. I got hugs today. All in all, it was a blast, though I’m beyond tired. . I hope Camp Destination Innovation doesn’t wait another 3 years. There are pictures on their FB page but it would not let me post from my phone to MakeICT FB page. Hope to get it done from my computer this weekend.