July 2019: Richard Nault

Our eighth featured ceramicist is known for his large pieces, having made some of the largest pieces to be fired in our studio so far. In addition to having several pieces in the Ceramics Studio Mini-Gallery, Richard also has several of his larger pieces in the Make ICT Gallery this month.

~ About Richard ~

Joined MakeICT: May, 2019

Born: Dinosaurs… there were dinosaurs.

Why Ceramics: It is wonderful to create things that hopefully turn out beautiful.

Biggest Ceramics Challenge: So far the vase with the two scissortail flycatchers.

What’s Next: I like to do a variety of things. If something doesn’t quite work then I keep trying till it works out.

Hobbies: I love the sport of fencing and have fenced nationally. I have taken a hiatus from competitive fencing but may go back to it next season.

If He Had One Wish: That we all respect and appreciate one another and have plenty to eat.

Please say howdy to Richard the next time you see him!