Joiner's Mallet Class

Here is the best version I could get of the plans for the mallet we made in class last Saturday. (The original Wood Magazine pdf is MIA). Ours was slightly different (we used the board sandwich for the handle AND the striking surfaces for sake of consistency).

Also, If you’re looking to finish your mallet, and need some tips or guidance, drop in tonight during Maker Monday, or stop by between 5 and 6 on Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday.

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Here’s a couple pictures of mine. I opted for the straighter top, a 7 degree miter on the hammering surfaces, and a linseed oil finish. Had one gap in the top that I filled with putty, but otherwise came out really nice.


When is the next class for this?

Next month. I haven’t planned out my May, yet, though. So what days work best for you?

Ok, thanks.