Joel Leonard Jan 8th Douglas location

If you know any community leaders you would like to learn more about makerspaces have them come hear Joel speak. If you want to get pumped up about the maker movement and help with our future fundraising, come hear Joel speak. If you’ve heard Joel speak before and want to share your thought I’d love to hear.

Joel is a cool dude and totally spends most of his time driving around the country visiting Makerspaces. If you have questions about other Makerspaces or interest in teaming up with jobs programs or manufacturing or government, Joel is an excellent resource.
If you are looking for a dull lecture, look elsewhere… Joel doesn’t do dull. :slight_smile:

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Will he be coming over to Booth, since a number of us will be over there for the regular Wednesday evening work night?

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He is staying an extra day in Nashville because of the community response he got there. He should be here by 6. I hope to take him over to the school after he speaks. Please, if you know any community leaders encourage them to attend. If it’s to late on Wednesday, hopefully we can schedule a tour Thursday morning. I hope to have him come back in April. I know this and the last visit have been short notice and between other cities so his time is short. He goes to Arkansas from here.

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His schedule

He will be at the space at 430 who wants to entertain him till I can get there around 6

From our brainstorming session last night.
Joel left for Tulsa early this morning. Hopefully we can have him back before the Nation of Maker’s Conference.